V2G Webinar #10 V2X FastHub Project: a pop-up mini solar car park for commercially viable V2G energy management

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On 15 February, CHAdeMO organised the 10th edition of V2G webinar.

Mark Potter, CTO, 3ti - Presentation available here
Dr Josey Wardle, Innovation Lead for ZEV infrastructure, Innovate UK - Presentation available here

Video recording:

How do we find a business case in V2G operations, helping resolve the intermittent supply issue from renewables and generating income and cost savings at the same time? A consortium of British companies has secured £1,344,552 in government funding delivered by Innovate UK to evaluate a rapidly deployable ‘smart grid in-a-box’ solution with a DC microgrid system, which is to be a 'scalable and replicable EV charging solution that will act as virtual power and energy storage facilities according to user preferences and grid demand.'

For our 10th V2G webinar, we welcomed Mark Potter from four-party V2X FastHub project, which brings together Cenex (CHAdeMO Association member), 3ti, Turbo Power Systems (TPS) and GridBeyond for a 17-month collaboration, as well as Dr Josey Wardle, Innovate UK, from the UK's V2X programme which is part-funding the project.

Mark presented the project the consortium will be trialling: 12 bi-directional charge points based on a DC smart microgrid with a 280 kWh storage battery and 20 kWp solar canopy. Their upcycled and prefabricated shipping container, which can be placed almost anywhere, will simplify installation and reduce up-front costs. The bi-directional charging part (with both CHAdeMO and CCS EV charge points) with up to ±30 kW of charge rate will be aggregated to help smooth out peaks in electricity supply and demand. Mark presented a clear comparative analysis of AC vs DC bi-directional costs to explain their choice of DC microgrid as well as a higher charge rate for the expected medium dwell-time use cases.

Josey talked about the UK's V2X Innovation Programme (2022-2025), which is starting its Phase 2 work. She covered the results from the Phase 1 R&D projects and presented the Phase 2 demonstration projects underway, which includes the V2X FastHub project. The V2X programme follows on from the UK's successful V2G programme (2018-2022), which provided much-awaited insights into V2G, employing 650 bi-directional chargers in UK homes and workplaces in total. The UK's V2X programme is part of the up to £65m Flexibility Innovation Programme, funded from the Department for Energy Security & Net Zero's £1 billion Net Zero Innovation Portfolio (NZIP).

90 participants from 20 countries attended the webinar. The participants found the webinar insightful, with 'real-world, concrete elements and considerations of V2X implementation,' and 'AC vs DC costs & benefits really clearly explained and useful.'

CHAdeMO Association is always on the lookout for speakers in their V2G webinar series. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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