The 39th Infrastructure Workshop

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CHAdeMO’s 39th Infrastructure Workshop was held in hybrid style in Tokyo on 12 March 2024. Around 40 people participated in person despite the rain, and about 150 more joined online.

On the programme: 

  1. Greetings from CHAdeMO, Mr Takafumi Anegawa
  1. V2H energy storage systems for clean living through the use of electricity from home and vehicle, Mr Akira Otsuki, Panasonic Electric Works Co., LTD.
  1. EV fast charger Interoperability Test Centre, UL facilities and service overview, Mr Noboru Kawaguchi, UL Japan
  1. EV charging evaluation services, Mr Yoshiyuki Tanaka, Toyo Corporation/Toyo Technica
  1. CHAdeMO EPAC (eBikes) charging standards, Mr Daisuke Takahashi, CHAdeMO EPAC Working Group 
  1. MOLE Conductive Automated Charging System, Mr Auroskanda Vepari, Director, MOLE
  1. CHAdeMO Activity Report, Mr Kazumasa Arai, Secretariat General

A lively question and answer session took place both in person and online. This workshop was the second one in FY 2023.

The presentation materials are available on the JP site. Please note that most presentations are in Japanese.

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