ChaoJi-2 demonstration tests begin

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Demonstration of ChaoJi-2, the new-generation harmonised plug that operates on the CHAdeMO protocol (CHAdeMO 3.x), will start this autumn at Hitachi’s Omika Works.

While tests of ChaoJi-1 (using the same hardware and GB/T protocol) have been on-going for the past few years at various locations in China, including the motorway between Beijing and Shanghai, this is the first site to test the ChaoJi-2 vehicles and chargers.

The ChaoJi-2 protocol (CHAdeMO 3.0) was published in April 2020, and the ChaoJi-1 documents (together with the testing protocols) were published just last month in China as GB/T standards. The start of the ChaoJi-2 testing marks a new phase in the development of ChaoJi for the market.

During this testing period, the Association and its members aim to correct protocol ambiguities, demonstrate V2X functionality and validate backward compatibility with existing standards. CHAdeMO 3.1-compliant 200-350kW testing equipment is installed, starting with a charging voltage of 450V, it will be eventually increased to 850V in the 2nd phase. Companies who wish to test ChaoJi-2 vehicles/chargers are invited to contact the testing centre; see more information on the slides posted on the CHAdeMO website.

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