CHAdeMO Association & Membership

1. What is CHAdeMO Association?

CHAdeMO is an association that is open to every organisation that works for the realisation of electric mobility. The Association, established in 2010, has over 420 members worldwide. In Europe, CHAdeMO European office based in Paris, France, actively reaches out to and works with the 130 European members.

Going beyond the borders of industrial segments, CHAdeMO provides a platform for a variety of stakeholders including charger manufacturers, automakers, utility companies, charge point operators, municipalities, certification bodies and NPOs.

2. Where does the name “CHAdeMO” derive from?

“CHAdeMO” is an abbreviation of “CHArge de MOve,” equivalent to “charge for moving,” and is a pun for “O cha demo ikaga desuka.” in Japanese, meaning “Let’s have a cup of tea while charging.”

3. How are the membership fees spent?

The membership fees are used to maintain CHAdeMO’s activities to contribute to the development of global electric mobility. Some examples of such activities include organizing workshops and meetings to exchange technical information as well as best practices among members, developing and improving certification tests, and developing communication tools and materials, such as our website, brochures, etc.

4. What benefits does the Regular membership offer?

Regular members have access to the CHAdeMO protocol that is necessary to develop CHAdeMO compatible electric vehicles and fast chargers. While CHAdeMO standard is published by IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), CENELEC (EN 61851-23, 61851-24, 62196-3), IEEE (2030.1.1), JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard), etc, the right to have products certified is limited to our Regular members. Additionally, Regular members have an advantage to receive advice from the CHAdeMO technical team during the development of their CHAdeMO products.
To ensure compatibility between EVs and chargers and to maintain their quality, Regular members share technical information and participate in improving their functions. If you wish to develop or commercialise CHAdeMO chargers and need detailed technical information including CAN communication, we strongly suggest you to become our Regular member.

5. How should I choose the membership type suitable for our company?

If you wish to build chargers / EVs compatible with CHAdeMO → Regular Membership

If you would like to offer services related to fast charging → Supporting Membership

If you are a public administrative body, NPO or other public institution and would like to participate in the CHAdeMO activities → Special Membership

6. I want to build a CHAdeMO charger. How can I get access to CHAdeMO protocol?

CHAdeMO is published as an IEC/EN standard: IEC 61851-23 and 61851-24 (covering communication between the charger and the EV). If you want to get the overview of the protocol, you can buy it from the IEC website.

You can also find the equivalent in your country from the CENELEC national committees (NC) websites if your country is a member ( by simply replacing IEC with EN for the reference (EN 61851-23 and EN 61851-24).

Alternatively, you can purchase it from the IEEE website ( as IEEE2030.1.1 TM2015.

However, if you wish to develop or commercialise CHAdeMO chargers, you shall need more detailed technical information (interoperability, error handling, extended functions, etc.). For this, you need to become a CHAdeMO Regular Member and access CHAdeMO specification documents.

To become a Regular member, you need to fill out the registration form that you will find here.

7. What is CHAdeMO certification for chargers? How can we have our chargers certified?

CHAdeMO Association publishes standard specifications to define the fast charging interface between an electric vehicle and a CHAdeMO charger. Our charger certification system is a voluntary effort that we have been making since 2010 in order to ensure interoperability across all CHAdeMO chargers and all CHAdeMO EVs.

In order to have your charger certified, you will have to reach out to any of the accredited certifier organisations and discuss the details. Here are the seven organisations that evaluate and certify CHAdeMO chargers.

– Idiada (Spain)

– UL Japan (Japan)

– TUV Rheinland Japan (Japan)

– JET (Japan)

– TERTEC (Taiwan)

– KTL (Korea)

– DEKRA (Netherlands)

Only chargers produced by CHAdeMO Regular member manufacturers are eligible for the CHAdeMO certification.

You can find more information about certification here.

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