CHAdeMO Association opens the world’s first EV-EVSE interoperability test centre

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CHAdeMO Association, whose mission is to provide safe, affordable and interoperable DC charging, opened an EV-EVSE interoperability test facility in Ise, in the central part of Japan, on 5 March 2024.

The aim of this test centre is to check interoperability and connectivity between EVs/PHEVs and DC fast chargers. The facility will be used by automakers to test whether any defects occur when EVs/PHEVs are connected to and charged by various chargers prior to the launch of new vehicles.

This “CHAdeMO Interoperability Test Centre” is equipped with 13 fast chargers from 10 companies, including Nichicon, Takaoka Toko, ABB, etc. This can cover 75% of the charger models already installed in the Japanese market.

At the opening ceremony held on 5 March, Takafumi Anegawa, President of CHAdeMO Association, said, 'Our main task is to ensure that users do not face problems when they charge their vehicles. With this centre, we will be able to help CPOs realise a charging service without any inconvenience for users.'

DC fast chargers can charge EVs/PHEVs much faster than AC normal chargers. At present, over 9,000 DC fast chargers have been installed in Japan at highway service areas and commercial facilities. CHAdeMO is known for its impeccable track record of no severe accidents, but with the arrival of more and more vehicle brands and models in the market, there have been an increasing number of cases of incompatibility or defects between vehicles and chargers, resulting in the inability to charge.

To the best of our knowledge, this is the world’s first permanent test centre for EV interoperability managed by a not-for-profit organization. Automakers that wish to use the facility or charger manufacturers that wish to install their product are invited to contact the CHAdeMO Association Secretariat.

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