Working together for e-mobility – the spirit of CHAdeMO booth at eCarTec 2013

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Seven members of CHAdeMO: DBT, Delta, Efacec, EVTRONIC, Magnum Cap, Nichicon, Yazaki and the CHAdeMO Association itself were jointly present at the CHAdeMO booth during this year’s eCarTec, Europe’s biggest trade fair dedicated to e-mobility. The chargers lined up at the CHAdeMO booth were presenting the newest trends in DC fast charging: multi-standard devices capable of charging all fast-chargable EVs, V2H bi-directional charger, the new generation CHAdeMO connectors as well as grid-friendly charger with a built-in battery. Ole Hundstuen from Stavn commented ‘CHAdeMO booth at eCarTec '13 was very informative. To present a multitude of charger manufacturers through their respective chargers that were on display allowed for a one stop location for most of the industry's most prevalent and skilled players. The booth became a natural arena for discussions concerning chargers and charging infrastructure, both present and future’.

And in the words of Isabelle Riviere, the president of AVEM, French association promoting EV usage, our first of a kind multi-member presence at eCarTec ‘helped to create a link between members of different nationalities participating in CHAdeMO reality in the world of fast charging.’

The main decoration of the stand, CHAdeMO map, proudly displaying almost 900 chargers in Europe (figure from mid September 2013) attracted a lot of attention and comments from the visitors and confirmed the leading position of the protocol. As the market leader, CHAdeMO calls for collaboration with other standards. In the key note speech during the conference accompanying the trade fair, Takanori Yoshii, CHAdeMO board member and the president of Mitsubishi Motor R&D Europe GmbH, called for cooperation across industry to support the nascent e-mobility market.

This approach was not only echoed by our multi-standard booth, but also by the products show-cased across the hall in the booths of other CHAdeMO members (ABB, Ensto, GH Elektrotermia, IES Synergy) all sending a clear message that market is supporting and promoting fast chargers that can serve all EVs in the market.Multiple charger operators that paid us a visit have also expressed their continued support for CHAdeMO and their intent to install multi-standard chargers in the future. Isabelle Riviere has summed up the chargers present at the booth: ‘The multi-charger is self-evident for daily users of electric vehicles of which I am one, because we have a dream to enlarge the zero emission club... whatever the socket, provided that there is the charge’.

Working together for a common goal, the main tenets of CHAdeMO have found their utmost expression even behind the curtain of eCarTec, during pre- and post-exhibition charger set up. Competitors from across the DC fast charging spectrum exhibiting at CHAdeMO booth worked hand in hand to pack each others’ chargers, demonstrating the power of cooperation.

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