Webinar: CHAdeMO in combination with OCPP

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A webinar to present the white paper that facilitates the implementation of CHAdeMO in combination with OCPP will be co-hosted by CHAdeMO and OCA on 3 December

On December 3rd, CHAdeMO Association and the Open Charge Alliance will be hosting a free webinar about “CHAdeMO in combination with OCPP.” During the webinar, a white paper will be presented which describes the interaction between CHAdeMO and OCPP on a Charging Station and how information from the CHAdeMO protocol can be communicated to a Charging Station Management System via OCPP.

The webinar and white paper are the result of a joint working group by CHAdeMO and OCA, focusing on the technical combination of the protocols. The webinar will feature presentations by experts from both CHAdeMO and OCA and attendees are free to ask questions. CHAdeMO Association and the Open Charge Alliance (OCA) are both organisations promoting protocols for easier use of Charging Stations. CHAdeMO is known for their DC fast charging protocol for communication between the vehicle and the Charging Station (IEC/EN 61851-24, IEEE 2030.1.1), OCA is responsible for the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), which enables better communication between Charging Stations and Charging Station Management Systems.

The working group was formed in May 2020 and focused on the implementations of both OCPP1.6 and OCPP2.0.1 in combination with CHAdeMO 1.0 (including V2X), 1.2 and CHAdeMO 2.0 for Smart Charging.



The webinar is open to all CHAdeMO and OCPP enthusiasts and no membership is required!

Webinar Agenda:

  • Welcome
  • Introduction to CHAdeMO
  • Introduction to OCA
  • CHAdeMO in combination with OCPP
    • Introduction in the combination of the two protocols
    • Translation table
    • Sequence diagrams
    • Device management
  • Questions & Answers
  • Official release of the White Paper!

To accommodate our audiences from all over the world, two “live” sessions will be hosted:
First live session: Asia & Europe
Dec 3rd: 9am CET / 17pm JST
Register for session 1
Second live session: America & Europe
Dec 3rd: 9am PST / 18pm CET
Register for session 2

For any enquiries regarding this webinar, contact, replacing (at) with @:

OCA Secretariat — info(at)

CHAdeMO EU Secretariat — info(at)

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