Hosted by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), CHAdeMO conducted on 13 April an online seminar “Successful transition towards nation- and region-wide zero-emission transport systems”. CHAdeMO provided practical guidance for the efficient deployment of charging infrastructure to assist Caribbean and Latin American countries in their efforts to shift towards carbon neutral societies. The seminar attracted over 200 viewers and we hope that they enjoyed and could learn new things.

Based on CHAdeMO’s over 10 years of market experience as well as in-field experience of collaborating with national authorities, Mr Dave Yoshida, CHAdeMO Secretary-General, indicated following key factors for the successful deployment of EV charging infrastructures:

  • Define appropriate standard in accordance with best sustainable & market-oriented specification.
  • Localise the whole business with safety and quality assurance while remaining room for future technological improvement; and finally
  • Set supportive policy and regulatory framework to foster the sound development of e-mobility ecosystem.

Furthermore, Ms Tomoko Blech, CHAdeMO EU Directing Manager, shared her learnings of EU’s e-mobility initiatives by pointing out that governments’ support, especially financial incentives have effectively contributed to the uptake of EV market in Europe. She also stressed that mandating standards should be carefully considered to avoid any possible technological lock-in and to keep competitive neutrality.

You can watch the seminar video made available online on the UN MOVE youtube channel at: