The Sustainable Transport Forum (STF)  was created by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE) in 2015 to support the implementation of the AFID directive in order to achieve the EU’s energy and climate goals. The STF, a platform for cooperation and coordination between the European Union’s member  states and expert stakeholders, has decided to create three sub-groups related to electro-mobility.

Following a call for application, the Commission has appointed 20 organisations, including CHAdeMO Association, along with Member States and Observer members, to serve in the sub-group on governance and standards for communication exchange in the electromobility ecosystem.

The sub-group, which kicked-off last week, is tasked to assist the Commission in ‘defining minimum principles and creating a governance framework that allows an open, single, secure and economically efficient management of the digital communication in electromobility’. To this end, the group will produce four reports in the coming three years, supporting European and international standardisation and paving the way for harmonisation and convergence of communication standards and protocols.

Uwe Likar, the representative for CHAdeMO Association in the sub-group and an EV and EV charging infrastructure veteran, says,


CHAdeMO members have plenty of experience in EV smart charging, including V2G, which we hope to offer in order to advance harmonisation and convergence, which are both key elements in accelerating electro-mobility on a wide scale.


CHAdeMO Association, with its mission of providing safe, affordable and interoperable charging to EVs, has been active in the European market over the past decade and represents a fair part of electro-mobility in Europe: its 150 EU members and collaborators have installed over 16 000 CHAdeMO charge points, which serve 600 000 plug-in vehicles. The European Commission’s appointment of CHAdeMO is a recognition by the EU of the important role CHAdeMO and its members play in advancing electro-mobility.