CHAdeMO All-Member Meeting 2023 marked by the spirit of cooperation and collaboration

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This year’s CHAdeMO All-Member Meeting took place in a hybrid format in Shibuya, Tokyo on 1 June. It was the first time in-person participants had met each other since 2019, with about two-thirds of the 250 participants choosing to meet online.

The Association’s President, Takafumi Anegawa, gave the first address, emphasising the importance of cooperation and competition. Secretary General Osamu Maruta reviewed the Association’s activities in 2022 and presented its priorities for 2023, including the promotion of CHAdeMO in the Asian market and efforts to improve reliability of charging infrastructure.

Kuniharu Tanabe, Director of the Mobility Automotive Industry Strategy Office from Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) stated that the challenge is to create profitable EVs in Japan, while some point out that Japan is lagging behind in the electrification of certain vehicle types. 

Shoko Yotsuyanagi, President, e-Mobility Power Co.,Inc., reported on the successful installations of 200 kW multi-standard charging stations and shared day-to-day operational challenges related to charging stations.

Ni Feng from the NARI Group, who leads ChaoJi's key international sub-working groups, reported on the progress of the ChaoJi standard in general, notably the discussions at the IEC, and introduced a demonstration project with seven ChaoJi stations on the Shanghai - Beijing motorway, after which Hiroaki Miyata, Hitachi Industrial Products, Ltd., reported on the ChaoJi 2 (CHAdeMO 3.0) trial project that is taking place at the Omika Works site of Hitachi, which will be adopting to DC 850V using CHAdeMO 3.1 (published 29 May 2023) and testing V2X in the coming two years.

For more information and presentation materials, please see Member Pages (Access is limited to CHAdeMO members only).

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