CHAdeMO to host a large stand with 17 co-exhibitors at EVS36 in Sacramento

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EVS36 took place in mid-June in Sacramento, the capital of California. The first EVS to be held in North America since EVS29 in Montreal in 2016, the event was so popular that tickets were 'sold out' weeks before the conference, and visitors who tried to register at the last minute were unable to attend.

CHAdeMO was a Gold Sponsor at this year's event and had a spacious stand right in front of the entrance to the exhibition hall. In addition, co-exhibitors at the CHAdeMO booth also had the honourable opportunity to present their products to the EVS VIP tour members.


Two production vehicles (Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Nissan LEAF) were placed on the CHAdeMO stand, which can readily offer bi-directional charging. Similarly, a total of four bi-directional chargers (V2G) from Fermata Energy, Tepco, Takaoka Toko and Zerova were deployed to demonstrate CHAdeMO's position as the world's only market-validated bi-directional charging standard. This was complemented by InnovateUK, the UK governmental agency leading the world in V2G investment, whose various V2G demonstration projects over the past few years were on display, confirming CHAdeMO's unparalleled track record in V2G.

High power

The ChaoJi standard for next-generation ultra high-power charging, which CHAdeMO has been working on in cooperation with China's CEC (China Electricity Council), was also on display, including a panel on the progress of the seven ChaoJi station projects already under demonstration on the Shanghai-Beijing motorway in China, and a display of Star Charge's ultra high-power ChaoJi mock up charger used for the same demonstration. There was also a panel display of the ChaoJi 2 (CHAdeMO 3) demonstration underway on the Japanese side (Hitachi), and a working sample of ChaoJi- CHAdeMO adapter, manufactured by Fujikura.


On the micromobility side, the CHAdeMO standard for two- and three-wheelers (eTreego), which has already become an IEC international standard, and the verification equipment (Chroma) were exhibited. Also on display was a CHAdeMO e-bicycle charger and e-bicycle, a design prototype of the new CHAdeMO DC charging standard for electric bicycles , which was being unveiled for the first time. Many people stopped to look at the unusual bicycle charger and standard bicycle inlet.

Other exhibits included a range of connectors from high power 300A to lightweight V2G (Sumitomo Electric), a V2G compatible truck (Phoenix Motorcars), the latest multi-standard charger (Zerova) and panels by a few California EV drivers' groups (Adopt a charger, SacEV); overall, a strong display bringing together the CHAdeMO family of products.

The coffee cart set up in the centre of the stand was also well received, with many conference delegates, exhibitors and visitors stopping by.

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