CHAdeMO at C-MOVE in São Paulo

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In October, CHAdeMO Association Europe's Tomoko Blech attended C-Move in São Paulo, Brasil to share CHAdeMO's point of view on safety and certification with Southamerican stakeholders.

C-Move was held on 5-6 October concurrently with the Veículo Eléctrico Latino-Americano exhibition at Expo Center Norte in Sao Paulo, where many e-mobility stakeholders gathered to discuss future directions. Tomoko participated in a panel entitled 'Interoperability of charging interfaces: the importance of standardisation and conformity testing,' together with Daniela Soler from CharIN, moderated by Rodrigo Vicentini of ABVE/Keysight.

In her presentation, Tomoko explained how CHAdeMO places the highest priority on safety and set up a certification system to guarantee interoperability already ten years ago. She also touched on the importance of backward compatibility, reporting on the status of the next-generation plug development and the Association's policy of ensuring backward compatibility even if the plug shape changes in order not to lose the trust of early adopters.

During the discussion, there was consensus on the importance of standardisation and certification to improve the reliability of EV charging and the confidence of EV users. The use of multi-standard charging with established standards was encouraged to jump-start e-mobility in regions where EVs are just starting to become widespread.

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