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In September 2023, CHAdeMO Association Europe's Tomoko Blech went to Łódź, Poland, to share CHAdeMO members' V2G experience in the panel about smart charging.

At the New Mobility Congress held at EXPO Łódź, a major e-mobility event in the CEE region organised by Polish Alternative Fuels Association (PSPA), Tomoko was part of the roundtable called 'how to charge in a smart way?' on 27 September.

The panelists represented various industry sectors (DSO, technology providers, EVSE manufacturers, CPO..), legislators (the Ministry of Climate and Environment) and policy advocates coming together. While recognising diverse challenges, 'Smart charging EVs is key to secure transport electrification and energy transition' was a conclusion the panel agreed on.

Tomoko shared the experience of the CHAdeMO Association members and discussed how V2G technical feasibility and its benefits are well demonstrated, but suggested that in order to overcome some of the challenges (legislative, financial, consumer sentiments), starting with V1G is a reasonable approach that can ease and accelerate V2G adoption.

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