Participate in the new e-bike working group at CHAdeMO

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CHAdeMO's new e-Bike working group calls for participation from among the Association's Regular members


The CHAdeMO Association calls for its Regular members to participate in the e-bike working group to respond to the increasing market demand of Electrically Power Assisted Cycles (EPAC) charging standard.

One might think, “E-bikes can be easily charged at home, why do we need a new charging standard?” According to the CHAdeMO members who propose to create this group, there are increasing requests for a safe and standardised solution for e-bikes for use cases such as long-distance bike tour operators and touristic regions (e.g. bike trips in the Alps), fleet managers of shared e-bikes or companies offering charging service to their employees. The new protocol can also be used for other suitable applications, including but surely not limited to, electric kick scooters and monowheels.

Here we talk about the charging power of 500-800W (nominal voltage 36V, max current 15-20A). As the order of magnitude is quite apart from CHAdeMO’s various other charging protocols*, the new group is to be set up to create a new charging standard that would provide for the safety and protection needed for the voltage level in question.

You can find here the proposal for this new e-Bike (EPAC) charging working group.

Here is the draft scope to be discussed and defined in the new group:

  • Target specs
    • Max power 500-800W
    • Voltage 36V (nominal), 42-43.5V (max)
    • Max current 15-20A
  • A common mechanical connector
  • CAN based communication
  • Startup/shutdown sequence
  • Electrical safety/mechanical requirements
  • Miscellaneous external requirements like EMC, noise, etc.

CHAdeMO Association invites all parties interested in joining or in need of further information to send an email to the Secretariat (info(at) with your contact information.

A CHAdeMO Regular membership is a prerequisite to join the group.

*CHAdeMO caters to 6 to 400kW with conducting charging today. The next-gen ultra-high-power charging (900kW+), pentagraph charging and two- and three-wheeler charging protocols are soon to be published.

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