CHAdeMO V2G presentations in Europe (H1/2024)

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In April, CHAdeMO Europe presented at two conferences.

First was the Vehicle 2 Grid conference that took place in the German town of Münster 2-3 April. Covering most updated information around the V2G eco-system  - from the vehicles, grid, energy system, standards to project sharing – organised by HDT (HAUS DER TECHNIK E. V.) as a part of the Battery Conference, this conference offered a high calibre meeting with true experts from relevant companies and institutions. Exciting news about new V2G-capable vehicles and bi-directional chargers (DC and AC) were presented, while frustration around lack of interoperability was shared at times.

Tomoko Blech represented CHAdeMO Association and shared the Association members’ V2G project insights in order not to reinvent the wheel and to advance together helping each other. There were questions around the consumer reactions to V2G commercial offers, ChaoJi and bi-directional charging, as well as CHAdeMO’s future in Europe, among others.

Second conference, titled EV Charging Infrastructure UK 2024, was held in London, 15-16 April, organised by iQ-Hub. Touching on broader set of topics around EV charging infrastructure, presentations varied from e-Bus fleet management, design of 'appropriate' EV charging infrastructure, integration of cellular tech in EV charging, flexible on-site power generation, role of BESS, to workplace/destination charging.

Tomoko Blech from CHAdeMO Europe presented once again on the topic of V2G, titled ‘Taking stock of V2G: EV charging technical developments and business case,’ after which many interesting discussions took place not only on the presentation floor but also around coffee and during breaks.

CHAdeMO Association is always happy to share the Association members' project experiences and insights.  

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