APEC Webinar on Standards and Conformity assessment

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On 24-25 April, 'APEC Webinar on Standards and Conformity assessment for Electric Road Passenger Vehicle Supply Equipment' was held online by Chinese Taipei, in which CHAdeMO Association made a presentation and joined the discussion that followed.

With the theme of Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment (EVSE), there were both public- and private-sector participants from the APEC economies, and presentations and discussions were made on themes such as the emerging findings from their EVSE status survey, EVSE standards development and trends, EVSE management methods adopted by APEC economies, as well as industry challenges to comply with EVSE technology regulations.

In the section 'Development of EVSE standards and current trends,' CHAdeMO’s Public Relations Director Mr. Tomomi Hakomori explained the development process of CHAdeMO and how it differs from other charging standards, as well as the constant efforts to ensure safety and compatibility, which are the basis of CHAdeMO's design philosophy. The presentation also covered the current challenges that CHAdeMO faces and CHAdeMO’s future prospects.

The majority of participants were authorities responsible for EVSE and EV regulation, who interacted with EVSE and EV industry representatives.

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