OCA-CHAdeMO Industrial Workshop

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On 22 April 2024, OCA (Open Charge Alliance) and CHAdeMO Association co-hosted Industrial Workshop on OCPP in Tokyo..

The workshop was carried out in a hybrid format, with 24 in-person participants meeting at CHAdeMO Association’s Office in Tokyo, and 75 participants online, resulting in lively discussions and much learning.


  • Current status and prospects of the OCPP - Ms Lonneke Driessen and Mr Baerte de Brey, ElaadNL/OCA
  • Current status of OCPP in eMP and requests to OCPP - Mr Koichi Tateishi, Head of IT section, e-Mobility Power

The OCA representatives reported on the present situation where a significant number of OCPP downloads come from Japan and have recently grown further, highlighting the high interest of Japanese companies in the OCPP.

From the floor, the following requests were raised:

  • OCA accreditation bodies to be set up in Japan
  • The OCPP specifications to be made available in Japanese
  • While the FAQs on the OCA website are appreciated, a Japanese version would be ideal.
  • The automated QAs using chatbots to be also made available in Japanese.
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