CHAdeMO V2G certified to participate in the real-time balancing of the electricity system (FCR) in France

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RTE, France’s transmission system operator (TSO), has certified the participation of EV batteries from company fleets for the first time, recognising the technological aptitude of CHAdeMO-based V2G (vehicle-to-grid) in their real-time balancing of supply and demand

This certification was provided last month to the vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology implemented by DREEV, a joint venture between the French utility giant EDF and American VGI aggregation service provider NUVVE, while CHAdeMO members Nissan and ABB have also taken an active part, providing the products.  

This certification permits the participation of their CHAdeMO-based V2G system to provide services in the primary reserve, also known as FCR (frequency control reserve), which is the first response to frequency disturbances, helping ensure the smooth running of the French (and European) electricity system by balancing the power grid’s supply and demand second by second. This service had historically been provided by nuclear, hydraulic and thermal power plants, although in the recent years, industrial consumers and stationary batteries have also been contributing to this.

The CHAdeMO-based V2G system developed by DREEV enables the grid services using EV batteries by activating the charging and discharging of the batteries of a large number of electric vehicles spread across the country in a matter of seconds. The EV batteries work as a virtual power plant, aggregated with other assets by Agregio, to participate in the primary control reserve.

DREEV offers this types V2G services mainly to corporate fleet customers in France and across Europe. The EVs participates in the FCR services when they are parked and connected to the innovative bi-directional CHAdeMO chargers. Needless to say, the system is designed in such a way so that the EV users’ mobility needs are not compromised.

V2G not only supports the balancing of the grid and accelerates the integration of renewables but also contributes generating financial returns to the fleet owners, and CHAdeMO Association provides the world’s only standardised solution for this with products readily available in the market. As CHAdeMO was originally developed at TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) and its design philosophy has much synergy with the VGI concept, CHAdeMO has been adopted for demo projects and commercial undertakings around the globe.

After this certification, DREEV is now in the phase of expanding its V2G virtual power plant across France and Europe, particularly with its new European project 'EVVE', one of the largest V2G projects in Europe.


Press release from RTE and Dreev; Article on the RTE website

Dreev presents at CHAdeMO webinar #5

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