CHAdeMO Technical Workshop @ EVS37

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CHAdeMO hosted an information session in Seoul, in conjunction with the EVS37 exhibition and conference.

CHAdeMO Technical Workshop, was held on 24 April 4:30-7:00p.m and welcomed about 30 participants - members and non-members - to the venue close to EVS. 

There were presentations on multiple topics were given, from global charging standard evolution, V2G, to how to maintain high operating rates of CHAdeMO chargers. More concretely:

  1. About global standardization / Takafumi Anegawa, CHAdeMO President
  2. UK V2G projects: key learnings and new prospects / Dr Josey Wardle, Innovation Lead for ZEV infrastructure, Innovate UK
  3. Healthy and high operating rates of eMobility Power's CHAdeMO chargers / David Patterson, CHAdeMO North America

There were also opportunities for participants to ask questions and network. 

CHAdeMO President Anegawa

Dr. Josey Wardle

CHAdeMO NA David Patterson

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