Enabling learning from and for stakeholders to promote global fast charging


Knowledge dissemination stands high on CHAdeMO’s agenda. That is why it regularly participates in conferences accross the globe, showing benefits of fast charging, sharing experiences from projects and presenting unique data gathered by the team, all in the hope of encouraging operators and public authorities to build more fast chargers.

Trade fairs

Electric Vehicles trade fairs are moments, where e-mobility current and future stakehoders meet and exchange. CHAdeMO strives to participate in all the main e-mobility exhibitions in Europe and sometimes also beyond and it does so via joint booths with its members. They are unique one-stop-shops with all things CHAdeMO, very appreciated by trade fair visitors globally.

EV rally

CHAdeMO Association promotes fast charging for EVs. And promotion of EVs means EV rallies – occassionally, the organisation participates in those gatherings of e-mobility enthusiasts, always using fast chargers and thus promoting the benefits of fast charging real-life, using the opportunity to speak to the wider public and disseminate the myths about e-mobility.