What we do

As an an e-mobility collaboration platform, we act together with our members and stakeholders for the advancement of electric mobility on a global scale.

Technical development

To bring safe, affordable and interoperable charging, we develop the protocol adapting it to the needs of the market and to our members’ requests.


To guarantee the safety and ensure interoperability across any CHAdeMO chargers and vehicles, we have established the certification system performed by accredited independent laboratories.


To promote and inform our stakeholders about CHAdeMO’s technological expertise and philosophy behind, we published position papers, presentations and activity reports.


To discuss and explore potential solution for challenges facing the EV industry, we organise online seminars throughout the year.

Trade fair booths

To support members in organising exhibition booths and increasing their market presence, we create unique one-stop shops for CHAdeMO DC charging/discharging.

To learn more about CHAdeMO

Download CHAdeMO brochure (PDF)

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