CHAdeMO @EVS37: safety, reliability, and prospects for the future

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The 37th International Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition (EVS37) was held in Seoul from 23 to 26 April. The theme of this year's event was 'Electric Waves to Future Mobility,' and  CHAdeMO Association held a special technical session on 26 April entitled 'CHAdeMO: DC fast charging system' in which the Association members gave a series of technical presentations around CHAdeMO (as announced here).

The presentations:

Seeking versatility in e-mobility with CHAdeMO, Tomomi Hakomori, Director of Public Relations, CHAdeMO Association, reported the history of CHAdeMO, its top priorities of safety and compatibility and systems to ensure this, as well as the more recent development of CHAdeMO for electric 2- and 3-wheelers and electrically-assisted bicycles (e-Bikes), in addition to the next-generation specification, ChaoJi.

Thermal sensing test method for ChaoJi coupler, Mr. Zhu Xiaoqiang, China Electricity Council, State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, reported on the efforts made and ongoing towards a temperature measurement test method for the ChaoJi charging coupler, based on specific data set.

CHAdeMO 3.1 / ChaoJi-2 demonstrative facility structed in Hitachi Omika Works, Mr. Hiroaki Miyata, Hitachi Industrial Products, Ltd., described the ChaoJi charger, which began operating in autumn 2023 at Hitachi's Omika Works in Japan and reported on the flexible power supply modules that support it.

Reliability analysis of e-Mobility Power's electric vehicle charging network, Mr. David Patterson, CHAdeMO North America, talked about the findings of a study of e-Mobility Power, which continues to maintain an unparalleled high charger health rate (>98%). 

There was a lively exchange from the floor, particularly in response to Presentation 4 (e-Mobility Power), with questions about the secrets of maintaining a high rate of charger uptime as well as about the efforts made to maintain compatibility between multiple types of vehicles and chargers. 

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