Masdar City installs first Rapid Charger in Middle East

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Masdar City is a low-carbon, low-waste and energy efficient clean technology cluster being developed in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates. The City, powered with clean energy sources, is testing and implementing leading urban planning and architectural practices, energy efficient building technologies as well as sustainable transportation solutions. Amongst its various innovative activities, Masdar City—in collaboration with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd (MHI)—has installed the Middle East’s first rapid charging station for its pilot fleet of EVs. The CHAdeMO-certified Rapid Charger (EFACEC, EV QC) will serve as a charging station for the 12 Mitsubishi Motors Electric Vehicles “i-MiEV” (EVs) currently in operation in Masdar City.

The EV pilot project, launched in January 2011, aims to assess the efficiency of EVs and rapid charger technology in the region’s climate conditions. Thus far, the pilot project has adequately addressed the vehicle users’ concerns on battery life—defying skepticism about the EVs’ inability to withstand desert heat.

The “i-MiEV”, a five-door hatchback that seats four, has a cruising range of 150km (without the use of the A/C) and is the first fleet of electric vehicle to be operated in the region. The EVs have served as an indispensable mode of transport inside Masdar City, transporting over 35,000 passengers and saving approximately 33 tones of CO2 emissions since January 2011.

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