CHAdeMO webinar #3: How to create V2G value propositions

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On 30 September, CHAdeMO organised the 3rd edition of V2G webinar. Speakers shared their hands-on observations in developing businesses based on the values generated by V2G technology.


Through the discussions made at the past CHAdeMO V2G webinars, we understood that V2G has tremendous potential for developing new services. However, the market and industry are still in an early stage and there are still many barriers to be overcome before the widespread adoption.

The 3rd edition of CHAdeMO webinar therefore addressed the issue of V2G value propositions, one of the issues highlighted by our previous speakers. What drives customers purchase V2G services? What values can V2G provide to them?  For this occasion, we invited two speakers from Nissan and Kaluza, CHAdeMO members and pioneers of V2G business development.

The 1st speaker, Mr Keigo Ikeozoe, Deputy GM, EV System Laboratory, Nissan Research Center, presented various possible revenue streams suitable to V2G by showcasing the findings of research and demonstration projects Nissan conducted with its partners.

The “Vehicle de Grid Britain Project”, for example, identified key revenue streams suitable to V2G such as low voltage distribution use of system (LV DUoS), demand turn up (DTU) and imbalance. He also emphasised that the plug-in rate of the EVs was a strong driver for grid service revenue from V2G, echoing our speakers from the last webinar. In case of high plug-in rate (75%), V2G can indeed generate the grid services revenue of four times as high as the Base Case (30 % plug-in rate). It is hence important to encourage behaviour changes to increase these rates. Keigo concluded his presentation by stating that Nissan will continue to work on V2G using the CHAdeMO standard to explore from both technological and business perspectives.

The presentation is available here.

The 2nd speaker, Mr Tom Pakenham, V2G specialist, Kaluza, kicked off his talk by stating that V2G has enormous potential and is a key enabler of flexibility in the energy systems. According to him, V2G is not something happing in future but something that we need as soon as possible and that we need to accelerate our thinking.

As a result of increasing penetration of renewable energy, there has been a significant amount of negative pricing in the wholesale electricity market. Showing data from the recent years, Tom, believing that such price volatility will even be accentuated in future, reiterated the need for a lot more flexibility which V2G has to offer.

Kaluza’s V2G project result identified that customers especially care about data, control and reward as key elements to consider in designing V2G businesses. Data, because the customers wish to know what is going on and ask for data transparency. Control, because the customers want to control when and how fast the car should be charged. Reward is needed because the primary purpose of buying a car is not providing energy services and the EV drivers need to be incentivised to do so.


The next webinar is planned for 8 December.
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