CHAdeMO to speak at the “V2X Symposium” in Arnhem

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On 28 March, CHAdeMO Association Europe’s Managing Director, Tomoko Blech, was among the EV charging experts and policy makers to speak about the Association and its members’ V2G experience at a V2G conference held at the Elaad headquarters in Arnhem.

In the symposium, stakeholders from multiple sectors around V2G gathered from different parts of the world to speak about the V2G technologies, policies and projects.

Tomoko has spoken about CHAdeMO’s “V2X protocol”, bi-directional chargers, and how CHAdeMO is  adapting itself to the ISO15118-based ecosystem. She also presented learnings from a few recent UK-V2G projects, one for commercial operations and the other for residential use, both under real-life usage, sharing V2G impacts on the battery state of health as well as the nuts-and-bolts of the V2G set-up at actual homes. She described how CHAdeMO is designed to be always ‘cutting edge’ by staying minimalist and compatible with the latest adjacent technologies such as OCPP and called for collaboration across sectors.

The entire symposium can be viewed from the below link. Tomoko speaks at around 3:31 on the video:

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