Nichicon Power Mover

Model name: VPS-4C1A

V2L makes it possible to use EV/PHV/FCV as a power source for home appliances, such as lighting and communication equipment, in case the lifeline is disconnected.

    Connector details : CHAdeMO
    Max DC output power : 4.5kW(1.5kW x 3)
    Rated voltage/current : AC 100V
    Communication Protocols : CHAdeMO
    CHAdeMO Certificate number : V2L guideline ver.2.1

Smaller and lighter than the equivalent generator Much smaller influences on the environment (gas, noise)

About manufacturer

Company description
Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor, Film Capacitor, Positive Thermistor “Pozial ®”, V2H System, Home Storage System, Quick Charger for EV, Public / Industrial Energy Storage System, Switching Power Supply, Functional Module, Medical Accelerator Power Supply, for Academic Research Accelerator power supply, power failure / instantaneous low compensation device, etc.
Markets covered

EV products

Vehicle charger, V2H system, quick charger, film capacitor for inverter, aluminum electrolytic capacitor for automobiles.


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