Nichicon EV Power Station

Model name: VCG-663CN3, VCG-666CN7

Double speed charging to electric vehicles possible not only from system power, but also from solar panels and batteries. Also, save money by providing electricity to households from batteries of electric vehicles which were charged during the night where lower cost electricity is available. It can be a back up electricity source from the large capacity batteries of electric vehicles in case of blackouts in emergency situations.

    Connector details : CHAdeMO
    Max DC output power : 6kw
    Voltage/current (AC) : AC 100/200V
    Communication Protocols : CHAdeMO 2.1

Double speed charging

About manufacturer

Company description
Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor, Film Capacitor, Positive Thermistor “Pozial ®”, V2H System, Home Storage System, Quick Charger for EV, Public / Industrial Energy Storage System, Switching Power Supply, Functional Module, Medical Accelerator Power Supply, for Academic Research Accelerator power supply, power failure / instantaneous low compensation device, etc.
Markets covered

EV products

Vehicle charger, V2H system, quick charger, film capacitor for inverter, aluminum electrolytic capacitor for automobiles.


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