Chroma ATS8000

Model name: CHAdeMO(Chaoji) Protocol Test System for EV&EVSE

The Chroma ATS8000 provides automated testing systems that comply with CHAdeMO Association standards. The CHAdeMO charge/discharge/communication test systems for "DC Fast chargers" and "electric vehicles" are available with chargers and vehicle simulators, enabling the construction of automatic testing systems that meet the target equipment (vehicle/charger) and charging standards.

Model 8000 uses high power efficiency power supply made by Chroma. The power supplies have had a proven track record of V2H compatibility.
On top of that, Chroma power supply is capable of connecting in series and parallel. With the pre-installed multi-connector quick charger test program, The Chroma CHAdeMO test system is proved to be highly scalable as an R&D device.

    Application: DC Fast Charger, EV Test, Protocol Check
    Connector Voltage Rating:1,000V DC
    Connector Current Rating:400A DC
    Battery Simulation:1200V/40A/18kW(62180D-1200)
    CHAdeMO protocol:0.9.1, 1.2, 2.0, 3.0
    CHAdeMO V2H compliancy:v2.1,v2.2
    Software:PowerPro5 (ver.2023)



*High Power bi-directional power supply series and parallel connection capability, CAN communication Data logging, Auto report Generation 【Electrical Vehicle CHAdeMO Test】 Charge or discharge capability evaluation, Abnormal behavior simulation, Control circuit signals and CAN signals monitor, Customizable test cases 【DC Fast Charger CHAdeMO Test】Charge or discharge capability evaluation, Abnormal behavior simulation, Control circuit signals and CAN signals monitor, Pre-programmed protocol test cases, Customizable test cases

About manufacturer

Company description
Founded in 1984, Chroma ATE Inc. provide test and measurement instruments and automated test systems for power electronics markets.
Chroma ATE Inc. develops automated test system that complies with the world's charging standards, and provides evaluation solutions for vehicle and charger manufacturers.
Chroma has branch offices in Europe, the United States, Japan, Korea, China, and Southeast Asia chartered to deliver innovative technologies with high value-added service to satisfy our global customers' demands.
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