Summer topic: a zero emission ice cream van powered by CHAdeMO

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CHAdeMO supported 100% electric ice cream van concept


During summer, vans selling ice cream are a common sight in many countries. A view of ice cream vans makes many people feel happy. But did you know that most ice cream vans, particularly older models, are powered by diesel engines which are kept running, even when the van is parked, to operate the refrigeration equipment?


Today, it is widely known that these motors are a source of large amount of CO2 emissions. The electrification of such business fleets needs to be advanced to mitigate the global warming. Against this backdrop, the European Commission has issued the Fit-to-55 package, proposing to revise the reduction target to 50% instead of 31%, for European countries to move one step ahead.


Nissan’s concept prototype of an all-electric, zero-emission ice cream van was developed in partnership with Mackies, a Scottish ice cream company known for its sustainable practice, at the occasion of the Clean Air Day which is UK’s biggest air pollution campaign, two years ago. Using a combination of second-life battery storage and solar energy generation, the ice cream van enables sustaining  business and reducing CO2 emissions, while preserving a moment of happiness for ice cream lovers.

Thanks to CHAdeMO technology, the ice cream van is also V2G enabled and can provide owners with a source of income during the winter time when the business may be temporarily closed and/or the vans are not being driven often. As you know, CHAdeMO is the unique provider of V2G with production model vehicles and bi-directional chargers readily available in the market.

Source of the story and much more detailed information available on Nissan’s press release (2019) 

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