Hydro-Quebec joins CHAdeMO Association

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Hydro-Quebec, a leading Canadian power utility, has joined CHAdeMO Association. Ms. Marie-Jose Nadeau, Executive Vice President, Corporate affairs and Secretary general, at Hydro-Quebec and Mr. Tsunehisa Katsumata, Chairman of Tokyo Electric Power Company who also chairs the CHAdeMO Association, made the announcement during the e8 Summit, where Chairmen of major power companies in G8 countries get together yearly to discuss global issues on electricity.

Hydro-Quebec is a world leader in the development of powertrain systeMs. through its subsidiary TM4, and also in the development of advanced materials for EV batteries, and TEPCO has developed a DC quickcharging system, now known as CHAdeMO. Both companies were founding members of e8 in 1992, along with ENEL, a founding member of CHAdeMO.

Ms. Nadeau said “Hydro-Quebec is pleased to join the CHAdeMO Association as supporting member. The evolution and deployment of the charging infrastructure is important to the successful introduction of EVs for Hydro-Quebec and for our customers. We join a group of leading experts including large utilities to better learn and share Experience and knowledge”.

Mr. Katsumata said “it is indeed a pleasure to have a highly influential utility like Hydro-Quebec as a member of CHAdeMO Association in light of the critical role power companies will play in preparing EV infrastructure in coming couple of years”.

The CHAdeMO Association was established on March 15, 2010, to provide a quick charging solution to all EV users. The Association's name CHAdeMO, stands for “charge and move”.It is also a pun - charging a vehicle is as quick and easy as drinking a cup of tea.

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