CHAdeMO presented its e-Bike charging standard development work at Eurobike

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  • Eurobike is the world's leading business show for bicycles and electric power assisted bicycles (EPAC)
  • CHAdeMO’s EPAC standards is a response to the increasing demands for a common charging solution
  • The prototype will be ready by 2023

On 15 July at Eurobike 2022 held in Frankfurt, Germany, CHAdeMO Association presented its development work on EPAC standards for a uniform charging plug, socket and the underlying communication protocol.

It will target a simple charging station equipped with a small connector which supports the maximum output power of 800W (=20A) optimised for e-Bikes. The charging station will also be designed to work with exiting e-Bikes.

The protype of EPAC connector will be showcased at CHAdeMO exhibition booth @eMove Europe (5-7 October, Berlin, Germany)

Mr Daisuke Takahashi, the head of EPAC WG, explained that 'E-bike market is glowing globally. CHAdeMO’s common charging solution can further accelerate its uptake. We are hoping to be able to present the prototype at Eurobike next year.’

The event showed a high-level of industry interest by attracting over 20 participants, including the German members of the EPAC WG, electric bicycle system manufacturers, charger manufacturers, industry associations, and a wide range of other interested parties. The participants actively exchanged various opinions and questions during the question-and-answer session.

CHAdeMO EPAC WG will continue to actively promote its activities in Europe, the largest market for EPAC, and to promote e-mobility.

The presentation is available here. 

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