CHAdeMO exhibits at eCarTec 2016 – for the 4th time in a row

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Electric mobility, just like any industry, has its yearly meeting where the whole industry participates, with stands or in person, and which give a great opportunity to learn where the market is going and exchange with old and new players alike. Over the last 5 years, the e-mobility event not-to-be-missed in Europe has been eCarTec; and for the 4th time in a row it hosted CHAdeMO as one of the exhibitors. As always, the Association participated with a joint booth together with its members. Hosting companies from Portugal, France, Korea and Japan the 64sqm booth showcased a multi-standard 44kW charger from DBT, 100kW charger from Signet Systems, CHAdeMO connectors by two manufacturers: Fujikura and JAE, a V2G power conditioner by Magnum Cap and finally a new Nissan Leaf with 30kWh battery. The representatives of manufacturers were on hand to answer any questions - and there were many.

Just like 3 years ago the industry buzz was all about multi-standard 50kW chargers, this year the exhibitors and visitors alike were all getting excited about the high power charging. CHAdeMO’s booth side panel representing the association’s high power roadmap attracted a lot of attention and questions from the visitors; high power CHAdeMO chargers by the association’s members were also a frequent discussion subject in the corridors of eCarTec. The upcoming update to the protocol, which will enable charging with up to 200kW currently discussed by CHAdeMO Regular members, is awaited with impatience by the industry, just like the products that can deliver CHAdeMO high power.

With its V2X illustration presented on the 2nd side panel of the booth, the association once again struck a chord with eCarTec visitors, bidirectional charging quickly becoming a next big thing in electric mobility.

Last but not least, the growing number of CHAdeMO charge points in Europe – soon to reach 4000 – presented on the standard European charge point map at the booth gave out the most important information – the confidence of investors in CHAdeMO is unrelented and the EV users Europe-wide can rest assured that the number of charge points for their vehicles will only be growing.

Aside from the booth, CHAdeMO Association also held its annual European Member meeting and a Technical Work Group (open to Regular members) meeting during the fair. High power and bidirectional charging were two of the hottest topics – read more here.

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