CHAdeMO at EVS29

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CHAdeMO Association, for the second time, joined EVS29, the biggest EV-related conference, as an exhibitor and a speaker.

Bringing together two of its charger manufacturers: Signet (Korea) and Tritium (Australia), as well as one BMS manufacturer: Pues (Japan) and an OEM: Nissan, it showcased a broad range of CHAdeMO-related products to the international public.

High Power CHAdeMO protocol and its V2H/V2G capabilities were the key conversation points with the visitors, testimony to the relevance and forward-looking outlook of CHAdeMO technology.

Presentation by CHAdeMO team, given as part of the EVS29 conference and showcasing multistandard usage data gathered from four operators: Fastned, Smatrics, Rapid Charge Network and Clever, was given to a 200-strong audience and has also been a great success, showing how, in reality, the multistandard chargers are used.


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