An impartial third-party certification system to guarantee the safety and interoperability

CHAdeMO is the only fast charging standard with an impartial third-party certification system established in the world.

Why the certification system is important

Certification can guarantee the safety and ensure interoperability across any CHAdeMO chargers and vehicles. It can also facilitate any companies in various regions of the world to develop safe and interoperable CHAdeMO devices, fostering the development of locally made but globally conformed high-quality charging infrastructure.

Independent certification bodies to guarantee the smooth, reliable and fair certification

Today, charger manufacturers can select one of the accredited independent laboratories of its region to perform the certification tests. They are located in different countries such as Spain, India, USA, Korea and Japan, ensuring, reliable and fair certification process.

270 chargers certified to date

Certification bodies

CHAdeMO has designated independent laboratories to perform its certification tests ensuring fair and neutral treatment of every product and company. The accredited parties deliver high quality services to the CHAdeMO community across the globe.

CHAdeMO Regular Membership is required to apply for the certification test.
For any queries regarding the certification test details such as schedule, venue, testing arrangement and cost, please directly contact the certification organisation of your choice.

The purpose of CHAdeMO certification system

  • Confirming that the charger complies with CHAdeMO specifications
  • Ensuring interoperability between the charger and CHAdeMO vehicles

Apply for membership

Apply for CHAdeMO Regular Membership and receive CHAdeMO specification document.

Develop a product

Develop a product based on CHAdeMO specification.

Submit application

After product development, send an application form for a certification test to the registered certification body of your region.

Test for certification

Any details of certification test such as schedule, venue, testing arrangement and cost should be determined between the applicant and the certifying body.

Receive certificate

If the product passes the test, the applicant will receive CHAdeMO certificate.

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