Lyse’s EV Fast‐Charging Network in Norway

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Epyon recently installed a Terra 51 Charge Station in the southern city of Sandnes, near the E39 highway to Stavanger, and plans installations at least at two more locations in the next two months. The station in Sandnes, which will officially be opened today by Norway’s Transport Minister Magnhild Meltveit Kleppa, is the world’s first to offer both electricity through fast‐charging and carbon‐neutral biogas as part of Lyse’s “fuels of the future” service model. “This is a very exciting project for Epyon. Lyse is planning to build and operate one of the most innovative fast‐charging networks in the world,” said Hans Streng, CEO of Epyon.

“This shows that EV fast‐charging is turning into serious business for reputable utilities like Lyse.”

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