Register today: CHAdeMO V2G webinar “Learning from innovators: A better way to create business from V2G”


CHAdeMO Association is organising a V2G webinar on Thursday 10 March from 10:00 - 11:00 (CET) to explore how to create business from V2G by inviting INDRA and DREEV. Registration is required so please don't wait (see the bottom of the page to register yourself.)


On 10 March from 10:00-11:00 (CET), CHAdeMO is organising the 5th edition of V2G webinar series. Our speakers have so far demonstrated that V2G is technically viable and potentially be profitable business.  But, we also understood that there are still many unanswered questions (e.g. degradation of battery life-time) and challenges (e.g. regulatory constraints, hardware cost and the complexity of grid connection process) that we have to overcome before V2G is to reach maturity and scale.

So, being at an early stage of the development where there are many factors remain undefined, where are the low hanging fruit for the next couple of years? Yes, innovation needs starting niche before convincing customers and taking off.

To reflect on this important question, we have invited two companies with innovative undertakings in V2G: INDRA Renewable Technology (UK) and DREEV (FR).

INDRA is a British company that developed one of the first certified domestic V2G chargers. Its founder and CTO, Mike Schooling will share with us his vision and experience of creating business with V2G from the manufacturer’s viewpoint.

DREEV is a France based joint venture set up between EDF and Californian start-up NUVVE. DREEV innovates V2G solutions for fleets of businesses and communities. Chief Marketing Strategy & Development Officer, Quentin Maître, will announce the launch of a V2G demonstration project and illustrates how he analyses the current V2G market and develops their business plan.





Mike Schooling is the CTO and Founder at Indra Renewable Technologies . With an ambition to enable everyone to live a more sustainable life through intelligent energy use, Mike has helped pioneer the development of smart charging for electric vehicles (EV), as well as vehicle to grid (V2G) and vehicle to home (V2H) technology. He has also patented a number of safety technology solutions for smart EV charging and developed EV software and engineering solutions for automotive prototype projects.




Quentin Maitre is the Chief Marketing Strategy and Development Officer at DREEV. With a background in energy economy and engineering, Quentin started working at EDF on long-term energy scenarios, which allowed him to identify the important role that EV flexibility will play to reach net-zero. After working on EDF’s Smartcharging and V2G strategy, Quentin joined EDF’s electric mobility division where he created different projects such as Flexitanie, the first regional V2G project in France and EVVE, which is about to become one of the biggest European V2G projects. Recently, Quentin joined DREEV as Chief Marketing Strategy & Development Officer to accelerate the company’s development.


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