CHAdeMO-compliant electric vehicle quick chargers reach over 1,000 units worldwide

The number of CHAdeMO Standard-compliant electric vehicle (EV) quick-chargers installed around the world reached 1,009 units

The CHAdeMO Association was created on March 15th, 2010 with the objective of promoting popularization of EVs through advocating a quick-charging protocol across technologies. The member companies have adopted the CHAdeMO Standard quick-charging protocol promoted by the CHAdeMO Association and also advocate the CHAdeMO Standard to EV stakeholders so that the CHAdeMO Standard might eventually be officially recognized as the international standard for EV quick-charging.

At the time the CHAdeMO Association was founded, only 196 CHAdeMO Standard-compliant EV quick-chargers were installed. However in just two years this number has quintupled. At the same time only six quick-charger manufacturers (all Japanese) existed at that time. Now that number has expanded to 32, including manufacturers from all over the world.

In addition to advocacy of the CHAdeMO Standard as an international standard for EV quick-chargers all over the world, as well as working to improve quick-charger technology, the CHAdeMO Association is also moving forward to popularize EVs by sharing knowledge and experience relating to quick-chargers gained internationally with EV stakeholders.