What’s CHAdeMO?

CHAdeMO signifies is both the name of the DC charging technology designed for electric vehicles and that of the organisation tasked to develop itthe technology.


Attaching paramount importance to users’ safety, CHAdeMO provides a fully proven fast charging system that servicesing EV users around the world

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CHAdeMO Association is an ecosystem of companies offering CHAdeMO-related products and services.
We work together to promote and enable electric mobility on a global scale.

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MembersGlobal-scale cooperation across industries

CHAdeMO offers a unique open platform to share knowledge and experiences and continuously improve its solutions based on such dialogues. Our members represent diverse partners players from multiple segments of the industry as well as the public sector, who all sharing the same vision.

Our members :
Over 500 entities from
48 countries

About Membership

ProductsThe largest number of certified charger models

All leading charger manufacturers providing fast charging infrastructure, regardless of the company size, are our members, testimony to the Association’s reach and global recognition.


CHAdeMO chargers are among the most popular EV fast charging infrastructure in the world.

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