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Charging standard: CHAdeMO all versions

Input AC: 400V AC, 10kVA

EV in/output operating voltage: DC 50-500V (200 to 1000V DC coming soon)

PV input (optional) voltage range: DC 275 – 750V

Storage battery capacity: optimal for 5kWh and higher

Dimensions and weight: 500mm X 300mm X 110mm / 15kg (excl. fans)

Efficiency 95%

bidirectional EV Charger/Inverter modules:
Single phase 230V AC / 6kW
Three phase 400V AC / 10kW

Optionally a 5kW and 10kW solar MPPT module that works together with the bidirectional module can be supplied, making this product unique and the first of it’s kind.

CHAdeMO & CCS compatible and onboard features
Single and Three Phase

About interface manufacturer

Company description

Since 2009 PRE Power Developers is a major supplier of Power Modules for EV Charger OEM’s. Our Technology is used by the market leaders because of its proven reliability and its innovative design. PRE offers solutions for all kind of EV DC fast chargers. From Wallbox to Charger stations, to catenary rail chargers, to bidirectional chargers

Markets covered

Europe, North & South America, Asia, Africa, Australia & Oceania

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Power Modules for all kind of EV DC fast chargers from wallbox to catenary rail chargers

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