EVs and quick chargers taking an active part in the disaster areas hit by the Tohoku Earthquake

For a few weeks after the earthquake hit northeastern Japan, the wrecked cities faced serious fuel shortage. On April 15, four days after the earthquake, Mitsubishi Motors decided to lend 45 i-MiEV electric cars to the disaster countermeasures offices and medical associations in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures free of charge. According to Mitsubishi Motors spokesman, president Osamu Masuko decided to offer i-MiEVs right away after receiving the request to lend the EVs to help with disaster-relief effort.

Nissan Motors also started to lend 65 LEAF electric cars to the prefectures without any charge from March 18. Even after the gas supply was on the track to recovery, there were many areas that have no access to gas because of devastated gas stations and roads. Mitsubishi Motors lent 44 more EVs from March 25. The EVs actively assisting the recovery efforts got a lot of media coverage in overseas as well as Japan.

In addition, at the request of affected areas, a joint Takaoka and Fujikura supporting team offered and installed quick chargers. In the situation that infrastructure of power grid was damaged, the supporting team completed the installation of quick chargers at Iwate and Fukushima joint government buildings, and will complete the installation in Miyagi prefecture in the second week of May.

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