Fact sheet

Over 500kw
Enabling over 500kW of charging, aiming at 900kW (600A x 1.5kV) to 1.8MW
Truly global standard
Published under IEC & EN (61851-23, 61851-24, 62196-3), and IEEE (2030.1.1)
Flexible and extensible
Adaptable to all levels of power and all categories of vehicles
Over 60K charge points in 112 countries
Armenia, Cuba, Guinea, Kuwait, Namibia, Tajikistan, Uruguay & Venezuela installed their first CHAdeMO chargers in 2023
Over 1million
EVs are equipped wtih a CHAdeMO inlet (another million EVs can be charged with CHAdeMO chargers via an adapater)
Over 500 members
of which 150 members in Europe
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