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CHAdeMO 2017: another good year of great growth for CHAdeMO

• 50% growth in Europe and 30% world-wide, CHAdeMO infrastructure continues to expand its network, serving 775K plug-ins in the world
• Membership base continues double-digit growth
• 200kW protocol (CHAdeMO 1.2) published and 400kW protocol (2.0) revision on-going
• CHAdeMO continues to expand its global reach; 10 new countries got their first CHAdeMO in 2017

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CHAdeMO is published as IEEE standard
CHAdeMO, the most widely deployed DC fast charging protocol in the world and already an IEC/EN standard, has gained another formal recognition last month as it was published as IEEE Standard 2030.1.1TM-2015, following the draft approval by the IEEE Standards Association Board in September 2015.
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