Roadmap conference Career Achievement Award goes to CHAdeMO President

The President of CHAdeMO Association was presented the Roadmap Career Achievement Award by Forth, a Portland-based NGO and organiser of the renowned Roadmap conference in the United States

Takafumi Anegawa, the new President of CHAdeMO Association, received the Roadmap Career Achievement Award by Forth, a Portland-based NGO promoting electric, smart and shared transportation and the organiser of the Roadmap conference, the leading electric and smart mobility conference in the United States held each summer in the Pacific Northwest.

Inaugurated this year, the Roadmap Awards have five categories, of which Mr. Anegawa was awarded the one for Career Achievement. According to the description of Forth, he was selected because “his career shows the importance of bringing diverse stakeholders in the electric mobility ecosystem together to make progress.”

Serving as President of TEPCO Research Institute, Mr. Anegawa was elected as CHAdeMO’s President at the Association General Assembly this year. Mr. Anegawa is literally the founding father of CHAdeMO, as he was the driving force of the research and development of the CHAdeMO protocol from 2005, leading the establishment of CHAdeMO Association in 2010, until he was called back to spearhead the post-Tsunami recovery efforts at Tepco in 2011.

Forth has recognised his efforts for cross-sectorial collaboration embodied by the CHAdeMO Protocol and Association and presented him with the Career Achievement Award on 18 June at the evening reception of the 12th edition of their Roadmap Conference in Portland, Oregon. Jeff Allen, Forth’s Executive Director, has handed Mr. Anegawa the award.

“It is a great honour to get such a distinguished award from Forth,” said Mr. Anegawa, “CHAdeMO does not aspire to become the best or the only fast charging protocol. Our goal is to accelerate the adoption of e-Mobility in general, and the harmonisation of CHAdeMO with China’s GB/T protocol is a very good example of our efforts. Let us continue our collaboration with all stakeholders that share the same values.”


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