10kWModel name: V2G10kW

Our constant drive for innovation and customer satisfaction led us towards the most recent eNovates development: a bidirectional ‘Vehicle to Grid' DC charger. This cutting edge technology is a perfect fit for even the most demanding business case in the energy world.

Fast acting+K60affordable, lightweight and extremely efficient, this product has the potential to disrupt the way we charge vehicles today.

    Connector details : CHAdeMO
    Max DC output power:+10kW to -10kW
    Max DC current : +28A -28A
    Output DC Voltage range : 50-500V
    Communication Protocols : CHAdeMO

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Company description
eNovates is a rapidly growing technology company that is driven by mobility and sustainability. It was created in 2010 as a think-tank in a business club and focused, right from the start, on developing and producing charging systems and management software to support the electric mobility ecosystem.

Electric vehicles charged with the necessary energy, always and everywhere, thanks to the adaptive charging systems – that’s the reason the company is created and it’s the reason for our current rapid expansion within Europe. Our current product portfolio spans from fully modular AC charging stations for every need, to DC-home chargers and a full suite of smart charging software.
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