+10kW / -10kW

Model name: V2G 3p10kW V2X Charger

Connector details: IEC 62196-3 configuration AA (CHAdeMO)

Max DC output power: +10kW / -10kW

Max DC current: +28A / -28A

Output DC Voltage range: 50-500V

Communication Protocols: CHAdeMO, RS-485, MODBUS. OCPP+V2G, 4G, Ethernet

CHAdeMO Certificate number: 201911 

Efficiency 0%

The next step in charging technology, ready to go! Designed for secure, reliable and efficient V2G charging and due to our in-house development, easily adjustable to customer requirements. Our platform allows for extensive, customizable IoT possibilities for remote diagnostics and charge control.

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Applied Micro Electronics “AME” BV (AME) is a fast-growing company in development and manufacturing of high quality electronic products. Driven by our core technologies power conversion, sensing and actuating and internet of things, we strive for the best solution combining our extensive knowledge in electronics, mechanics and software development and manufacturing with a strong focus on charging and energy management.

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V2G 3p10kW V2X Charger