Porsche Japan and ABB showcase 100+kW CHAdeMO charging

ABB to showcase its high-power CHAdeMO charger at the Taycan launch event for Porsche Japan

Porsche Japan released its Taycan model at a launch event for the brand’s first fully-electric vehicle in Shibuya, the mesmerising commercial and business district of Tokyo.

The event was organised for the members of the press and to mark the opening of the time-limited reservation period for the Taycan, which is expected to start its sale mid-next year. “In order to fully benefit from the Taycan’s ultra-fast charging capability, Porsche Japan plans to install EV chargers that can use the latest CHAdeMO specifications at Porsche Centers as well as public facilities across Japan,” explains the company’s press release, “The charge rate will be the highest in Japan at 150kW, capable of 80% charge of the EV battery within 30 minutes.”

At the event, CHAdeMO member ABB’s high-power CHAdeMO charger was also displayed, which can charge at over 100KW currently, “with plans to develop this above 150kW for the future, ” according to the press release by ABB. ABB and Porsche previously announced that they would “jointly develop next generation EV chargers in Japan.”


Photo courtesy of Porsche Japan’s press release.

Press release (Porsche Japan) 

Press release (ABB)

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