Enel X to install over 1,000 CHAdeMO DC fast charging points in Italy, Spain and Romania

Enel X continues to advance high-power charging infrastructure in Italy and neighbouring countries taking advantage of EU funding schemes to further strengthen cross-border electric mobility

Having completed the deployment of 180 multi-standard (CHAdeMO and CCS and AC Fast) fast charging stations in Italy in 2019, Enel X, the Enel subsidiary in charge of EV charging infrastructure deployment and a CHAdeMO member, announced the launch of a new EU funded project called “AMBRA-Electrify Europe.”

Under this ambitious project, Enel X aims to install over 3,000 charging points in Italy, Spain and Romania by 2022. The project is expected to reduce the charging times required for long distance EV trips across these countries and therefore to further bolster cross-border electric mobility.

Out of the 3,000+ chargers, over 1,000 will be multi-standard DC fast-chargers (50 kW) equipped with both CHAdeMO and CCS connectors. Some 30 are planned to be ultra-fast chargers of up to 350 kW, and Enel X is currently evaluating different plug-type options.

Furthermore, Enel X is implementing a CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) project “E-VIA FLEX-E.” Started in 2018, the project aims to study and pilot ultra-high-power chargers in Italy, France and Spain. This project supports the deployment of 14 ultra-high-power chargers with CHAdeMO along the TEN-T core network, and the station in Spain is already running, while 13 others should be installed in the coming months.


Taken by the Enel X HP
Taken by the Enel X HP

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