CHAdeMO vehicle stats

Almost 1.3 million plug-in vehicles (including Tesla's) can use CHAdeMO chargers in the world, accounting for 44% of fast-chargeable plug-ins in the world and 50% in EU.
  • CHAdeMO inlets are found on over 760,000 plug-in vehicles in the world
  • Almost 1.3 million plug-in vehicles can be served by CHAdeMO, including Tesla EVs that can use CHAdeMO chargers via their adaptor, which translates to CHAdeMO serving 44% of fast-chargeable plug-ins in the world and 50% in EU
  • Being the market leader, CHAdeMO evolves yet into a new standard, harmonising with the Chinese GB/T plug

According to the preliminary figures of a CHAdeMO member, the number of plug-ins (BEV/PHEV) sold in the world in 2018 surpassed 2 million, which lead to the global cumulative plug-in number to be over 5 million (2008-2018), including LCVs. Of these 5 million plug-ins, two thirds are BEVs and one third PHEV. About half (51%) are not fast-chargeable. Over 760,000 plug-ins are equipped with a CHAdeMO inlet, and a total of almost 1.3 million plug-ins can use CHAdeMO, if we count the Tesla EVs that can use CHAdeMO via their adaptor!

If we look at the BEVs only, cumulatively (2008-2018), one out of three BEVs (33%) are still not fast-chargeable. If we focus on the fast-chargeable BEVs, GB/T serves the biggest number of cars (37%), followed by Tesla (22%), and CHAdeMO (22%). This means that CHAdeMO chargers continue to serve the biggest share (44%) of the fast-chargeable  BEVs in the world.

CCS (13%) and AC-fast (6%) are relatively small on the global scale, but if we zoom in on the EU market, CCS BEVs (30% – 189,000) are catching up with CHAdeMO (33% – 209,000), followed by AC fast (21%) and Tesla (16%) vehicles. With CHAdeMO and Tesla BEVs, CHAdeMO chargers today service 50% of the fast-chargeable BEVs on the roads in EU. That said, this EU fast-charge inlet breakdown is expected to change as there are more CCS plug-ins coming to the market including Tesla’s Model 3, starting delivery this month.

CHAdeMO, serving the biggest number fast-chargeable plug-ins in the world and in Europe, is also making proactive moves for harmonising fast-charging protocols in an effort to facilitate charging for current AND future EV owners. A move that started last summer, when CHAdeMO and CEC, Chinese Electricity Council, announced that CHAdeMO and GB/T shall harmonise in the next-generation ultra-fast charging standard. These two groups have also reached out to other countries to join in the endeavour to harmonise for the future. The new standard, with a working name of ChaoJi, is planned to be published in 2020 and the R&D teams are running demo projects using prototypes throughout 2019.

We look forward to delivering more news on this front soon.

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