CHAdeMO: the most popular plug on the largest French highway charging network in 2018

The Corri-Door network in France was used almost 40 000 times in 2018, of which the largest share (38%) was with CHAdeMO plugs
  • Corri-Door, the largest French fast charging network in France, operated by Izivia, announced its 2018 utilisation summary
  • The total number of charges jumped to almost 40 000, marking a 80% jump from 2017, with the summer vacation peaks in July/August
  • All 3 plugs were well used, among which the largest share (38%) went to CHAdeMO

Corri-Door is one of the large-scale multi-standard fast charger installation projects supported by the European Union and a group of automakers: BMW, Nissan, Renault, and Volkswagen. Fully operational 200 charge stations, each equipped with AC, CCS, and CHAdeMO plugs and located with an interval of 80km on the French motorways, it is the largest French fast charging network. Izivia, the charge point operator (an EDF group company that changed name from Sodetrel last year), has announced its 2018 charging summary.

Overall, in 2018, Corri-Door provided close to 40  000 charge sessions, which is their record high and 77% higher than its 22 500 charges in 2017. Average time of charge was 32 minutes. The monthly charges started at low two-thousands earlier in the year, steadily increasing to 3 500 – 4 000 towards the end of the year. The peak months were July and August, with 9 000 charges combined, likely with tourists coming from elsewhere using their chargers during the summer vacation.

All of their 200 charging stations are multi-standard, equipped with AC fast, CCS and CHAdeMO plugs in order to serve any and all types of EVs. In 2018, 38% of the charge sessions at Corri-Door stations were with the CHAdeMO plugs, followed by CCS (36%) and AC fast (24%). This is probably not surprising as CHAdeMO can serve 50% of all fast-chargeable plug-in vehicles in Europe today.

For more information, you can read the press release by Izivia from here (14 Feb 2019) or their infographics from here.

Corri-Door usage breakdown by plug type
Monthly breakdown 2018

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