CHAdeMO crossed the global 20k mark with Europe leading in installation

CHAdeMO global installation crossed two major milestones: 20k charge points globally, and EU number surpassed that of Japan!

CHAdeMO global installation continues to grow, and surpassed the global 20k mark in our September count!

CHAdeMO is the world’s first DC fast-charging technology that came with mass-production electric vehicles. Since 2009, our members and collaborators have been installing fast chargers, one by one, and before our 10-year anniversary next year, the charger count (those we are made aware of, i.e. information brought to us by ChargeMap, EAFO, Zap-Map, NOBIL, Gireve, GoingElectric,, and ChargeHub – thank you!) passed 20 000. It took until the end of 2015 to reach the global 10 000, but the next 10 000 came within 3 years after, as electric mobility picked up speed on a global scale. Our sincere gratitude for all of you on the field that helped with these installations.

As of end of September, we see: 7 900 charge points in Europe, 7 400 in Japan, 4 200 in Asia (ex-Japan), 2 900 in North America, with the total of 22 600 in the world (including the “other”), as shown on our top page (to see/view them, you need to scroll down a bit).

What’s even more symbolic is that the total number of CHAdeMO charge points in Europe has now surpassed that of Japan, a seemingly saturated market in terms of DC fast charger deployment, as shown on the evolution graph on the right. We expect that Asia (ex-Japan) and the rest of the world (marked “other” on our top page) will accelerate in the coming years, as the more EV-mature markets may slow down on their growth rate. That said, as the global EV penetration rate (over new car sale) remains still quite low as compared to our ambitions, there is room for many, many, more charge points in every market!

Here comes our call for participation:

  • CHAdeMO welcomes your charger installation information so that we can add your charge points to our counts. Please check if your charger is listed on the charger maps provided by our charge point location information partners (PlugShare and ChargeMap). If you don’t find your charger(s) on these maps, please either reach out to them directly or send your charger information our way (info(at), ideally with photos.
  • In preparation for our 10-year anniversary, we are looking for “My CHAdeMO moment” photos with your CHAdeMO story. Be it your first CHAdeMO charging experience, your first CHAdeMO-chargeable car getting delivered, your town’s first CHAdeMO charger installation, or your oh-no-CHAdeMO-not-working nightmare, etc. Please send your CHAdeMO story with photo(s) to CHAdeMO EU Secretariat (info(at) We will of course never use your photo/story without your permission in advance.

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